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10 Reasons to Choose Leased Lines


Leased Lines

A Leased Line is a dedicated fibre connection that runs directly into your business from the core network. The fibre is taken from the exchange and run all the way to your offices. No one else is on your line, so only your business can use your bandwidth. Guaranteeing a secure and reliable internet connection.

Whether you’re a small business that depends on a consistently reliable connection or a large enterprise utilising cloud-based software and databases, leased lines offer the most reliable connection on the market.

Here are 10 reasons to choose leased lines:

1. Fully reliable

A leased line connection is fully reliable. The fibre cables run directly into your business providing the internet connection and offer a consistently high-quality performance. Without any interference, other users or busy periods, a leased line service is the only connection that always guarantees a fully reliable internet connection.

2. Uncontended service

An uncontended service means there’s a contention radio of 1:1. There is no one else on your network, so only your business is using your fibre cables. A leased line connection provides an uncontended service, as it’s an individual fibre cabling dig straight into your business. Guaranteeing your speeds and bandwidth.

3. Dedicated bandwidth

You choose your speeds, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Your upload and download speeds remain consistent as the leased line connection ensures the same high data throughput. Dedicated bandwidth eliminates slow networks and ensures your speeds always remain the same so you can fully rely on it.

4. High speeds

Not only are your speeds guaranteed, but with a leased line connection, you can also get a lot higher speeds than you can with copper wiring. A copper network has a speed limit, so even if you choose high speeds, the cables can only service to a certain level. Dedicated fibre lines can provide speeds up to 1 Gbps.

5. Service level agreements

Yello’s leased lines come with a 6-hour ‘return of service’ guarantee agreement. This service level agreement guarantees that if your network were to fail, you’d be back up to speed within 6 hours of your call to us, no matter the problem. We send our engineers straight to your network to fix the issue.

6. Flexibility

Give your business the best connection that will grow with you! A leased line connection is completely scalable and flexible to meet your businesses needs. If you need to increase your speeds, let us know and we’ll get it sorted for you. Our packages have a set bearer speed that your bandwidth can increase to.

7. Backup options

As a leased line connection offers a fibre cable from the ISP straight into your business, there needs to be some backup options in place, just in case anything breaks in the network. Yello offers resilience through backup options, which are available to keep you online if anything happens to your cables.

8. Unlimited usage

There’s no additional charges or restrictions with leased line connections. You get completely unlimited usage, always at the speeds you’ve chosen. Perfect for small, growing companies who are adding new people to the team, through to large enterprise businesses with multiple sites.

9. 24/7 maintenance

With a leased line connection, you can’t just check with the business next door if their connection is down too. That’s why our team provide 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support. As the team monitor the line 24/7, they’re aware of any issues that may arise. If anything were to fail, our support team will be ready with a solution.

10. Futureproofing

Investing in a leased line connection future-proofs your network. As more cloud-based systems are adopted, and the reliance on instant cloud access grows, it’s vital to have a connection that can handle the increased demand for bandwidth. As cloud storage takes a toll on your bandwidth and speeds, leased line connections set your network up to work most effectively.

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