Your business deserves the very best

Unlike a lot of telecommunication providers out there, we offer a whole host of value-add with our services. Your business deserves the entire solution, not just the parts and components. As a business, we want to give our customers the complete service, because then you (and we!) can rest easy in the knowledge that you and your teams have everything necessary to work as effectively as possible.  

We’re proud to offer our customers so many different additional pieces of value to our services and products because there’s so much more to telecoms than a phone handset and a Wi-Fi router. 

Discover all the ways we can help you:

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Mobile phones

Shared business plans

Give your team an overall data, phone and roaming plan, to ensure you’re getting the most from your contract. Your team share data and calls to stop anything going to waste.

Plan management

We’ll manage the contracts, plans and data for all of your business mobile phones. We’ll provide you with one simple monthly invoice with all your businesses expenditure in one place. 

Quick support

Need to increase your data allowance quickly or need additional roaming? Our team are ready at the end of the phone to quickly support you with any query.  

Telephone systems

Onsite installation

Chosen to have an onsite telephone system, with the processor unit within your office? We’ll install it and get it all set up and running for you.  

Hosted set up

Decided to have your phone system hosted? We’ll sort out your offsite processor and set up your hosted services into your business, for a super quick telephone solution.  


Yello will maintain your telephone system and keep it in tip-top order. We hold a full stock of replacement parts and handsets for exceptionally fast fix times. 

Broadband & Fibre


Our expert engineers will install your new fibre broadband directly into your office. Connecting your line and setting up your router. 

Leased lines

If you’d like a completely dedicated leased line into your business, for the full-fibre broadband experience, our team can also install this for you.  

User upgrades

As your business grows and you add more users to the network, your bandwidth is going to be more stretched. We can easily upgrade your broadband package to suit, as and when you need. 


Set up

If you’d like to have your cameras set up and positioned, we’re happy to do this for you. We can even help provide guidance for the best locations for optimum security.  

Wired or wireless

Whether you decide to go for a wired or wireless camera, we can help connect your network cable to your cameras or wirelessly set up the system.  

Replacement cameras

Need a replacement camera, fast? We hold stock of everything we sell, so we can get a new replacement camera out to you instantly. 


Cable management

After installation of any of our services, we offer to manage your networking and cabling, ensuring your cables are optimised for resolutions and future deployments. 

Identification systems

After sorting your cabling, we can also provide an identification system to help maintain and utilise your network. 

Construction Product Regulation

Yello engineers are experts in the latest installation regulations, including full compliance with CPR guidelines.

If you’d like to take advantage of any of our added value services, contact us today.