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It’s no longer enough to just have a working internet connection. For most, it’s the lifeline for a business. With most businesses entirely relying on being online, it’s important to not only consider what broadband package would suit your business but also, who can ensure you’re staying online.  

Something every business owner should consider is how much would it cost your business if your internet connection were to fail?  

In 2018, 60 million hours of working time was lost by UK businesses due to internet outages. This is estimated to have cost the UK economy £742m in lost productivity and extra overtime

There are plenty of options that offer a much more reliable service, including leased lines. And, while these options are often more expensive, you’re investing in a system that could potentially save you money in the future.  

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Our broadband and fibre packages

We have a huge range of business broadband plans available, depending on the size and requirements of your team, but all plans fall into one of the following categories: 


Up to 16Mbps

The most basic broadband connection, ADSL connections are served over the same copper wire as phone lines and separated at the end destination via microfilter to allow for both to be used simultaneously.

Whilst basic, this connection type is sufficient for most home workers. 


Up to 76Mbps

FTTC (Fibre to The Cabinet) broadband is where a fibre cable runs from an exchange to a cabinet in your vicinity. From here, it is linked to buildings via an existing copper network. This results in fast download speeds with more resilience and stability than ADSL connections. However, due to the copper networking element, speeds are restricted from what fibre is truly capable of.  

FTTC is ideal for most small businesses, allowing for heavy email usage, web applications and basic streaming for small teams. 


Up to 500Mbps

FTTP (Fibre to The Premises) broadband a more complete solution than FTTC, with fibre cable running from your provider all the way to your premises.

For digital-centric sole traders or SMEs with multiple users all utilising internet-dependent platforms and services, FTTP is the ideal solution.

Leased Lines

Up to 1Gbps

ADSL, FTTC and FTTP services are shared through your local exchange, so the primary connection is shared with other premises in your areas. This means the speeds you receive can vary, depending on overall usage at a given moment. 

A leasedline is a dedicated fibre connection between your business and your internet provider, with no other services from that line. This means you always take advantage of the full bandwidth available. 

For larger organisations or small companies where connection and speed are business-critical, a leased line is the ultimate reassurance. 

Build your perfect broadband package

Business broadband

Things to consider

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for your ideal business broadband solution. We’ve pulled together a shortlist of things you should start thinking about to make sure you get a solution tailored to you.  


Each industry has different requirements for broadband bandwidth, with some needing a stronger, more powerful service than others.

Primary use

What you’ll be using your broadband for. From browsing the web and emails through to coding and streaming.

Existing service

How is your current service? What have you found that you want to change or what you need more of?


How much can you afford to invest in your broadband, from the one-off fees through to the monthly billing.

Future plans

Are you planning to expand the number of employees and grow your business soon, or will you be merging with a new business? 


Do you need broadband that comes with a backup solution in case of outages or failures? 

Over 50 users?

Are there 50 or more of you at your office? Yello has the ultimate broadband package for businesses looking to provide broadband to 50 or more users.  

We’re offering a FREE dedicated Leased Line installation directly from the exchange to your office. Applicable when ordering broadband for 50 or more users, alongside the eve Essential package for each user. Discover our new Leased Lines solution.

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