Internet Protocol CCTV is an advanced camera solution using your network to send and save security footage. Ideal for businesses where office and site security is critical, an IP CCTV solution provides real-time alerts and notifications, so you know exactly what’s happening, as it happens.  

IP CCTV systems offer peace of mind at an affordable price for any business. Utilising remote viewing on smartphones and tablets, to triggered alerts and even recognition capabilities. If you’re looking for a reliable camera for your business, Yello can help

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What is

IP CCTV captures video and images, compresses them and transmits them as a digital format over your internet network. They can be wired to your network through your router, but can also be wirelessly connected, sending information across your broadband. This means you instantly get images and videos sent to your device whenever there is an alert.  

IP CCTV systems offer major advantages over traditional camera systems, among them being picture qualityWhilst traditional analogue cameras have maximum quality of around 0.4 megapixels, digital cameras are capable of recording video and images in multi-megapixels, including Full HD and even 4K. 

Setting up

Typically connected via network cable or wirelessly, some cameras offer small amounts of onboard flash storage, whilst more capable systems will connect to a Network Video Recorder. 

Being cheaper, more versatile and far simpler to install and maintain than traditional systems, IP CCTV has been rapidly adopted. In fact, small systems can be set up for only a few hundred pounds, complete with a range of functionalities that vastly more expensive analogue systems couldn’t offer only a few years ago. 


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