Surf on your Turf
Surf on your turf


Your business’ new broadband solution.

We recently launched our new Leased Line broadband solution from CityFibre. The uncontended service to give your business the ultimate broadband connection.

Breaking the fibre stigma

Almost every broadband or internet service provider offers a fibre broadband package. So, understandably, it can be confusing trying to work out what’s best for your business. Especially as any connection that uses fibre at any point can be classed as fibre broadband, even if the majority of the connection uses copper wiring.

A leased line connection is FULL fibre. Run directly from the core network, a fibre cable goes all the way through to your business. It doesn’t go through any street cabinets or any other exchange. Leased lines are an individual dig to lay fibre directly into your premises. Built on a fibre network, full-fibre connections ensure your solution is much faster and far more reliable.

Our new leased line solutions will guarantee your business has a secure, reliable internet connection, with a fully uncontended service.

Supporting your systems

With the rise of cloud-based business solutions, there’s a lot more reliance on stable internet connections. Cloud-based solutions offer a time and cost-effective way to enhance security and business applications but need to be accessed online.

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, using cloud-based technologies to power tools, applications and day to day business operations, it’s even more vital that your connectivity can handle the increased demand for bandwidth. Even using cloud storage takes a toll on your bandwidth.

By deciding to invest in a Leased Line connection, you’re future-proofing your network. As more cloud systems are adopted, your network will already be set up to work most effectively.

Benefits to your business

As your business has its own leased line connection, there’s no one else using your bandwidth. Meaning there’s no fluctuation at peak times or change in your speeds.

Yello offers backup options if there is ever a fault in your broadband connection, as well as a 6-business hour, return of service guarantee. Your business will also benefit from 24/7 support, maintenance and monitoring.

With leased lines, you’re guaranteed the speeds you purchase for your business. But, a leased line connection offers full flexibility, so if you’d like to increase your bandwidth, you just have to let us know!

Discover more about our Leased Line offerings, pricing and benefits on our page here.

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surf on your turf



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