eve - product overview
eve – Product overview


What is eve?

eve is a communication software added to your employee’s desktops or mobile phones to function as their work telephony system. eve is a unique offering, giving each member of staff their own software that allows for a collaborative workplace. Designed to give businesses a more flexible approach to communications, it allows employees to work from any location, taking eve with them.

Feature set

Simple to set up and cloud-ready, eve offers an intuitive feature set:

The core function provides a modern telephony platform that works through your desktop or phone app. Allowing you to make and receive calls, leave and access voicemail, provide on-hold music and implement hunt groups.

For complete work environment flexibility, eve offers remote teams with collaboration tools. Remote teams can use the audio conferencing, chat functions and web-based screen sharing to stay connected when away from the office.

Set your work availability status within the portal to let your colleagues know when you’re busy, on a call, or available. You can also check whether your team are available or still in a meeting, allowing for seamless communication and call management.

eve has an instant chat tool built into the portal, so you can quickly drop your colleagues and team a message. This quick way to communicate makes working from home even easier, as teams can stay in constant contact.

Assigning team members’ phone numbers into eve’s hunt groups ensures there’s always someone available to answer the call. Set your own on-hold music and call queues too, so your customers get a personal experience.

Designed to make integration as easy as possible. eve connects to almost all Microsoft Office tools, through a simple integration. Meaning you can combine your calendar with your phone to automatically update when you’re busy or available.

Easy management

eve is hosted through an online portal, giving full control of the features to business users. Being quick and easy to use, changes can be made by simply logging into the platform. Here’s a couple of the things you can manage through the portal:


There are three difference licenses for eve, entryessential and everything. Each employee requires their own license. With no upfront payments, you can get started with just a straightforward monthly per-user licensing cost and monthly rental charge for connectivity.



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