Freemen’s – University of Leicester Project


Freemen's University of Leicester Project

Our latest project sees Yello providing copper and fibre network infrastructure to the University of Leicester. We’re very excited to share with you all our new project. We’ve just started commissioning the work and there are so many different elements to highlight.

The project

The University of Leicester project consists of building seven new blocks of student accommodation, totalling 1,300 bedrooms with a 550-space multi-storey car park. As well as a new teaching and learning centre, including a 600-seat lecture theatre. A key aspect is the complete refurbishment and extension of the historic Grade II listed Freemen’s Cottages.

With the build of these new accommodation blocks, teaching centre and refurbishment of the Freemen’s Cottages, there is a demand for new network infrastructure to provide these facilities with capable, cost-effective internet connections. Yello has been approached to provide the copper and fibre network for this project.

Our solution

To start, our Operations Manager, Matt Plant has designed the entire project’s copper and fibre network infrastructure. This plans how we can lay the copper and fibre cabling into each building, ensuring every room will enjoy a high-quality connection.

Our engineering teams are now beginning the installation of the entire network. Yello will complete the project with a total of 3,450 outlets, 36 data cabinets and 25 kilometres of fibre optics being installed. Terminated tested as we go, as well as full warranties given, ensuring the highest quality installation and futureproofing the network.


Project completion is set for August 2021, having started at the beginning of 2021.

Copper and fibre installation

Our team here at Yello are experts in all things copper, fibre and broadband. We work directly with you to help determine the right broadband connection for your business. We specialise in four different categories, read more about our broadband offers here.

See how we can help you and your business. From the initial network planning through to supplying your connection, speak to our team today.



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