Frisby Lakes
Frisby Lakes – Project


At Yello, we’re seeing more and more businesses opt for Leased Line internet connections. They’re the ideal choice for future-thinking businesses! Especially those in rural areas and for those businesses needing to provide broadband to more than one premises. One project Yello is currently working on tackles just such a challenge, installing leased line connections into the heart of England’s countryside.

Frisby Lakes

We’re currently working on a project in Asfordby, Leicestershire, for the Frisby Lakes Lodge Park. This holiday development is home to 59 luxury lodges within a 100-acre estate, right in the middle of the English countryside. They need to be able to provide their homeowners and visitors with a reliable internet connection, So, they’ve tasked Yello with the planning, design and installation of a rural broadband solution.

What we're doing

Utilising the Government’s Rural Broadband Scheme, where Small to Medium-sized businesses can claim up to £3,500 worth of gigabit broadband vouchers, Yello has begun installation. Starting with the primary connection to the main site, we’ll also be providing dedicated connections, Wi-Fi and telephones to each individual lodge. The primary connection to the main site will see speeds of 1Gbps directly into the premises. Each of the individual lodges will get 450Mbps.

Project completion

We’re currently working on phase 1, encompassing 16 of the holiday lodges. The total project will cover 60 installations, providing the entire holiday park with leased line broadband.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are the perfect solution for businesses seeking a dedicated, reliable internet connection. As it’s an individual fibre cable leading directly into your business, no one else is using your bandwidth. Guaranteeing fast speeds and no downtime.

Working with CityFibre, we’re offering fantastic leased line connections from just £188 per month. All of our plans come with a 6 business hour, return of service guarantee, keeping you online. As well as 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support, with the option for full scalability to grow with your business.

To find out more, visit or call us directly on +44 (0) 116 224 4000.



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