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National Work from Home Day


This national Work from Home Day, at Yello, we’re celebrating the new and exciting ways we’ve seen how businesses have changed their communication ways. Businesses globally have taken their companies through the last year with a whole host of changes, working out the best ways for remote working and giving their employees the connectivity solutions to set up their ‘home office’.

Changing the way we work

With employees being told to work from home, a lot of companies were not ready and set up for this change of environment.

We commissioned some research to find out some more about the telecoms landscape and found a lot of interesting data regarding employees working from home:

In 2019, only 5% of the UK workforce mainly worked from home. At the height of the first wave of the pandemic, between 9-20 April 2020, 45% of employed adults in the UK had worked from home at some point during the previous week!

A lot of businesses and employees faced working from home setup issues during this time. 11% of people said they didn’t have the relevant software to facilitate working from home. While 20% said that reliable internet was only arranged once the lockdown had been announced and 4% didn’t have access to a reliable connection at all.

You can read our full report and data on our Telecoms Landscape page, here:

Homeworker bundles

Back at the beginning of last year, our team put together some homeworker bundles, so businesses could offer their employees a home office solution.

These utilised our fantastic communication software. eve is an easy-to-use platform that offers all of your business communication needs in one place. eve sits on your employees’ laptops, desktops and phones, so wherever they are, they’re still connected. Providing the complete communication solution, eve works as your phone, instant messenger, calendar, collaboration tool and call handling platform.

Combining this software with our broadband solution, to provide the ultimate homeworker bundle. Our fibre broadband can be installed directly into your employees’ homes, at speeds you require.

Our Fibre Connect Broadband Bundle contains:
Our eve Communication Software Bundles:

Laptop Bundle

For employees with a work laptop at home
£ 20
  • 1 eve Essential Licence with Desktop Softphone App
  • Plantronics Supraplus Monaural Voice Tube Headset
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • For 36 months

Mobile Bundle

For employees with a business mobile phone
£ 25
  • 1 eve Essential Licence with Mobile App
  • 1 O2 SIM-Only 5GB contract
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • For 36 months

Discover more about our homeworker bundles and how we can provide your business with a solution for your employees’ home offices:

Ready for the new normal

If your business is planning to maintain homeworking, whether temporarily, full-time or part-time, our expert engineers are happy to provide your employees with a bespoke quote. Depending on your business needs, we can offer broadband installation, remote connectivity and communication solutions.

On this National Work from Home Day, ensure you’re able to provide your employees with the best home working solutions.

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