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The base of your entire network

Highspeed data and voice networks are the nervous system of modern business. Behind every communication system, there’s a whole host of cabling, providing the backbone to your telecoms systems. Adding new communication pieces can often leave cabling unmanaged and challenging to fix or replace when needed.

At Yello, we understand the frustration behind bad networking. Incorrectly installed or badly designed cabling and network systems can cripple a business, requiring time, resource and expertise to rectify. Having a well-designed network from the off can save significant expense and headache along the line.  

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At Yello, network design is our forte 

When you choose Yello, you won’t just get your new telecoms installed, you’ll get the full network design. We work alongside your current cabling to design a network that will not only optimise your infrastructure but future proof it, too.  So, you can keep adding to your network as your business grows. 

We offer complete network and data cabling design and installation services, ranging from small office setups to entire office buildings and complexes. 

Utilising the latest Cat.5E, Cat.6 and Cat.6A cabling, our expert engineers will design and install a cabling system bespoke to your unique requirements, as well as ensuring that future upgrades can be made easily.  

What we can
help with

Here are just a few of the things we can solve for you:

Cable management

Your network can be completely managed by us. Keeping your cabling cabinets in optimum condition for easy problem diagnosis and future updates.

Identification systems

Organised to suit you. We’ll set up identification systems for your network to keep everything in an easy-to-manage, easy-to-find order.  

Construction Product Regulation

Yello engineers are experts in the latest installation regulations, including full compliance with CPR guidelines.

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