The telecoms landscape

2020 was quite a year! But how has it affected the telecoms industry, if at all? And what other factors could affect it in the future?

Yello recently commissioned some research into what business customers look for in a telecoms provider. Here, you’ll find the latest data and statistics around the current telecoms landscape, and what customers are really looking for.

The IDSN switch-off is planned for 2025, and new IDSN lines can no longer be purchased. However,

one million UK businesses are still using ISDN lines

with 36% of businesses planning to procure Voice over Internet Protocol telephony services from their service provider in 2021.

Working from home

Just 5% of the total UK workforce worked mainly from home in 2019.

At the height of the first wave of the pandemic, between 9-20 April 2020, 45% of employed adults in the UK had worked from home at some point during the previous week.

The UK faced  WGH setup issues during the first COVID-19 lockdown – 11% of people said they didn’t have the relevant software to facilitate working from home.

20% said that reliable internet was only arranged once the lockdown had been announced and 4% didn’t have access to a reliable connection at all.

14% of small businesses use full-fibre and leased lines...
...but the overall national average comes in at just 2%

Only 12% of commercial properties have FTTP networks.

Superfast broadband is only available for 86% of UK businesses and commercial premises.

Collaboration tools

The first UK lockdown has changed the way colleagues collaborate with each other. Here’s the increase in amount of enterprise devices installed with collaboration apps during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Satisfaction with telecoms services

85% of SMEs believe the communications market sufficiently caters to their business needs.

But, there are a range of specific services and areas which businesses remain dissatisfied with:

SMEs dissatisfied

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