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Every business is different. And, with that, every business’ telephone requirements are different. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your communication solutions.

You need a system designed around your size and users. That’s why we offer a wide range of systems, customisable to every shape and size business. We work closely with our customers to determine which is the best for them.

Build your telephone system


VoIP Business Phone solutions from Yello offer all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, as well as advanced functionalities usually reserved for enterprise-level systems. It’s all the benefits of a cloud solution combined with the features of a Private Bank Exchange. 

Not all teams require voicemail. But for others, it’s imperative to have an easy to access, easy to manage voicemail system to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity. 

Teamwork really does make the dream work. A hunt group gives specific groups of people the option to answer, direct and manage calls from one telephone number.

With our virtual number function, your business can appear to be calling from a specific geographic location; useful when dealing with more local audiences or running specific campaigns. 

Being aware is always helpful. Call waiting informs your team that a call is waiting on the line with a discreet beep and provides options on how to manage that call. 

Answering and distributing incoming calls isn’t always the best use of your teams’ time. Autoattendant menu systems transfer calls to the correct extension without going through an operator first. It’s like having an extra member of staff!

Learning from your calls helps your business grow. Used for both inbound and outbound calls, retrieve your call recordings and play them back with a fully PCI compliant solution. 

Mobile Office from Yello is a softphone application that gives your team members the power to manage calls through their Windows or Mac desktop, Apple iPhone or iPad, or Android phone. For on-the-road teams, it’s the ultimate travelling office. 

Knowledge is power. This feature displays real-time and historical statistics on the performance of the call centre and agents. It’s fully customisable with various statistics and, because it’s browserbased, doesn’t require installation of any additional software on local devices. 

Knowing your audience is imperative. With the ability to integrate your phone system with your CRM platform, building a profile of your customers from the first point of contact is a breeze. 


Our solutions vary to suit your needs. But they always fit under one of these two systems: on-site or hosted.  

This refers to whether you’d want your communications processor hosted on-site or hosted externally. We’ve broken down the advantages of both, so you can see which suits your business more.  


Great for larger businesses who require more advanced telephony features. On-site systems require the installation of one (or multiple) central processor units on-premises, which our Yello engineers can do for you.


With hosted phone systems, call processing units are located off-site and extensions to them rented from a telecoms partner. With no installation of technical equipment required, hosted services are the quickest and easiest solution to get up and running. 

Which is best suited for your business?

Whilst an on-going user subscription model may not be the most cost-effective in the long term, hosted solutions are often preferred due to their ease of use and manageability.

Another factor to bear in mind is that hosted systems can often require more bandwidth, as even the internet processes internal calls. However, with increasingly capable high-speed internet solutions becoming standard, often only the largest of organisations have this concern. 

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